Thursday, October 11, 2012

Start Making Money Now!

If you are looking for a legitimate way to make money from home, check out ZNZ!!!

Please watch the video below, it is very informative. Then go to  and fill out your info to get started. I am the only one that will see your info. 

Looks like you are ready to start changing your future by viewing the video link at your website here. The next thing to do is to complete STEP 1 and STEP 2. You will need to complete offers in ZNZ ONE & ZNZ BIG CASH.

You will notice under the video that there are four (4 )steps to complete the sign up process. We are mainly concerned with steps 1-3 right now.

There are a couple of things you will need to know and docbefore you begin to complete STEP 1 of the process.

1. Create a new emailcaddress that you will use exclusively for this job.

2. Create a PayPal account if you don’t already have one, because that is how you will get paid. …CASH into your PayPal.

3. Install Mozilla Firefox internet browser. See * below

4. Do Step One under the Video. Complete ONLY one offer. See ** below

5. Do Step Two under the Video. Complete enough offers to equal 1 credit (total). See ** below

6. Contact me when you are done, even if all of your credits have not yet shown up.

7. I have info you will need to do Step 3 and to get your free trial on a website of your very own for use in this venture.

* –Download FireFox Browser if you don’t already have it installed. For some reasons the offers are working better if you are using the Mozilla Firefox browser. You can get the download here:

After you download it, here are the next steps

Using Firefox, first make sure that the pop-up blocker is off.How to do this using Firefox 5.0: Tools > Options > Content > Uncheck“Block pop-up windows”

Next, make sure that Firefox is set to accept all cookies.How to do this using Firefox 5.0: Tools > Options > Privacy > Select“Remember history”

Finally, clear your cookies and private data.How to do this using Firefox 5.0: Tools > History > Clear Recent History> Ensure “Cookies” & “Cache” are selected then select “Clear Now”

Note:Depending on which security suite you have installed you may need to disable your firewall or anti-virus. This is because some come with pop-up or cookie blockers which will impede crediting.

Now…….go back up to #4

**Completing The OffersGo back to the link I sent you (whichis also at the top of this email) and under the video you will Step 1, Step 2,Step 3, and Step 4. When you click onStep1, you will enter the ZNZ One page. Scroll down toward the bottom and you will see a sign up box. Fill inthe info requested. Make sure that my emailand referral Id is there. This ensures I am in the system as your sponsor and will be able to continue to help you.

Next,take a look through our offers and choose the one(s) you are interested in. In ZNZ One and ZNZ Big Cash you have tocomplete enough offers to total one credit. There are usually plenty of free ones with which you can do this, however, if there are few or no free offers in ZNZOne, please contact me to see if I am currently offering promotions to assis twith this. It is considered offer fraud for anyone to tell you which offers todo specifically, so the ones I have listed later on in this letter are the onesI personally found helpful. You are free to choose ones that fit you rparticular needs and interests.

Let the offers page load completely.You can hover your pointer over an offer to read about the offer requirements. Make sure you read ALL of the terms of the offer since you will be bound tothem if you complete it. If it’s an offer that you dislike, close it, and look for another you are interested in.

If it’s an offer you like, complete the requirements! Leave the last page open for a couple minutes to make sure the cookie (what tracks that you completed the offer) is placed on your computer correctly. (If using a prepaid card some of the offers may not work unless your card has your name on it. If you run into that, simply choosea different offer.)

You receive credit for you roffer completion! Note: Instant crediting offers mean that it can take betweena minute and a few days to credit depending on the advertiser.

If there is more than one offeryou need to complete, don’t worry about clearing your cookies again – simply proceed to complete the other offer(s).

Finally, ALWAYS try out theproduct or service you are signing up for. The purpose of freebies is that youtry out the offers that the advertisers have placed on these sites. You are highly encouraged to keep offers that you like. You are required to use your actual, real personal information.

Failure to use the offers product or services as well as canceling the offer early and falsifying information will result in the credit for the offer being revoked and/or disqualification from our site.

Also make sure you do not delete anythingin your mail box or your spam.If for some reason an offer does not credit you have to send ZNZ the header ofthe welcome email and the message itself. It’s not hard to do and I can walkyou through it if this happens......(crossing my fingers you have no issues, butif it does we can get it fixed in no time).

If you need help, please call or email me anytime